Painting the Ceiling

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Today I’m taking on the daunting task of painting our Living Room ceiling.  I have procrastinated long enough.  The time has come.
Painting the ceiling isn’t as difficult or as painful as you think.  With the right tools, you can knock it out in no time.  It’s best to paint the ceiling before painting your walls.  I painted the walls a long time ago and ignored the ceilings… tsk tsk.  People look up.  If you plan on selling your home, you will definitely need to paint the ceilings anyway.
What You Will Need:
Roller extension
2-inch paint brush
Ceiling paint
Drop cloth
Step ladder
1)      Place drop cloth over top any furniture that is too heavy to move out of the room.
2)      Cut in the room, by priming around where the ceiling meets the wall.  Do this with your paint brush and ladder.  Take your time.  Use tape if you do not trust your steady hand.
3)      Prime the remainder of the ceiling using your roller with extension.  You won’t hurt your back if you use your extension!
4)      Let primer dry.
5)      Repeat these steps with the paint.
6)      Voila!
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  1. I'm definitely guilty of painting my walls and forgetting the ceiling, oops. Good luck with your project!

  2. This is a fun blog! I wrote an article about painting my wood ceiling. You can read it here:
    I wish I'd read your blog post before I started painting! I'm not a natural at that sort of thing.
    I'm following you from VoiceBoks!

  3. I hate painting..giggle. looking forward to the finished photo. Hugs

  4. Good for you!


  5. Wow, if i could only repaint my apartment!

    Following via VoiceBoks :)

  6. Ha! This is so hard to do... My husband says are ceilings should remain white, but I told him that's too conformist... He'll at least be happy to see that I have a guide for getting the ceiling painted :D


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