Margherita Frittata

8:11 AM

After painting all day long, I had to come up with something fast and easy for dinner.  With all of these home improvement projects, I’ve had little time to make it to the store.  We had eggs, sundried tomatoes and lots of cheese in the fridge, so I decided on a frittata.  You can whip these up in no time and add a side salad or some kind of greens and you’ve got a complete meal!
This was inspired by another frittata recipe I found on, which was published in Bon Appétit in January of 2003.  This frittata tastes like pizza!  It’s soooo good!  It doesn’t need any meat because it’s already very hearty.  I know you’ll be a fan.  Try it.
What You Will Need:

10 eggs
¼ C reduced-fat milk
½ C sundried tomatoes, coarsely chopped

1 C shredded Mozzarella cheese
½ C Reduced-fat Feta cheese
What You Already Have:
1 tsp dried Minced onion
1 T dried Basil
Dash of pepper
½ tsp salt (you don’t really need it)
1 iron skillet
Non-stick cooking spray
½ T unsalted butter
Large bowl
1)      Preheat broiler to HIGH.
2)      In large bowl, whisk together eggs and milk.

3)      Add cheese, basil, tomatoes, onion, pepper, and salt.  Mix well.
4)      Spray skillet with cooking spray.
5)      Melt butter over medium-high heat.
6)      Add egg mixture to skillet and cook for 5-6 minutes.  Shake lightly to cook evenly.
7)      Transfer to oven and broil for 4 minutes.
8)      Remove from oven.  Let cool for 1 minute.

9)      Slice and serve.

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  1. MMM!! Looks yum!
    Ro - from VoiceBoks!

  2. So simple yet so delicious! I love egg recipes...

  3. Yum! Looks Gret! great blog! Visiting from VoiceBoks! I am already a follower! Would love it if you would check out my blog and follow too if your not already! Thanks!

  4. Looks great! Anything with the word margherita has to be good!

  5. looks really delicious...thanks for sharing! wishing you a great weekend! :)

  6. This is a great recipe that we would really enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!
    Miz Helen

  7. This recipe is a must try and I hope to add it to our family menu. Easy to make and looks delishhhhhhh. Visiting from VB.

  8. Frittas are my go to party food too - they're so easy, filling and versitle - thanks for posting! Following from VB!

  9. Looks amazing! I thinkI know what I am making for dinner. YUM. visiting from VB

  10. Yum! So a frittata is a quiche minus the crust. Will have to try it!...

    Visiting from VB... April

  11. Wow! You're my new hero. if it had been me I probably would have scrapped up $10 in change and told the kids we were hitting Taco Bell :)

    Sharon from voiceBoks

  12. Looks delicious! Visiting from VB!

  13. Yummy! Looks delicious!! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Following from VoiceBoks.
    My Blog

  14. Yum-o! Love it :) Btw, I have a blog party called Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Hope you can join us tomorrow at 5 pm, PST and share your creativity with us.

  15. I lurve eggs! Thanks to this recipe, I can add some extra kick to my favorite food. I really should buy sundried tomatoes huh.

    Visiting via Food Trip Friday. Hope you can visit my entry Little Korean


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