Household Tip #32

8:03 AM

Help! Ants are everywhere!
A few summers ago, our kitchen welcomed some tiny visitors in big numbers!  Ants were on the attack and they were coming from all directions.  They loved our kitchen sink.  I contacted our trustworthy exterminator who fixed the situation temporarily.  One week later, I spotted the little insects again.
Thanks to our exterminator I learned a couple of tricks to take care of these critters. 
1)      For the best fix, hire an exterminator.  Once you sign a contract for service with them, your warranty should cover insects entering your home.  Most of the time an exterminator will revisit the source no matter how many times it takes.
2)      Go to your local hardware store and purchase ant killer.  Make sure you read the label and are aware of the active ingredients, especially if you have kids.
3)      Pour a small amount of bleach on a water-soaked sponge.  Wipe all areas to cover the ants’ source.  If they can’t find the food, they won’t come back.**
4)      Find some sidewalk chalk and border all windows and doors with the chalk.  This will create a barrier that the ants won’t cross.  (This can be a little tedious, but it really works!)
**Note: My favorite of these is using bleach because you know things are squeaky clean. 
Understand that the weather causes these pests to search for shelter.  Ants are known to surface during the summer time.  If you have an ant problem, it doesn’t mean you aren’t clean.  It's a common problem.

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  1. Great tips! I'm starting to see the little critters around our kitchen lately too.

  2. I've always wondered if it was the chalk or a drawn chalk line? We are seasonal campers and there are ants all over the patio. Wonder if I used sidewalk chalk around the perimeter would that keep them off.....hmmm.

    Thanks for joining us on our hop today. Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I am often hesitant on many sites too, but I promise that Swagbucks is legitimate:) I have used it for two years with no issues.

    Have a great day!


  4. I've been attacked by ants on two occasions recently. It's been after two huge rains that we had. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Especially when I walk in and see them all over my sink and counter. I have a black counter, so they're harder to see. UGH.
    I'm going to try the chalk trick, as we don't use a lot of chemicals in our home. So glad I saw this. I've been hunting for a better solution beyond ant trap thingies.
    I'm visiting from vB during our Members to Remember!

  5. I put a few drops of Toro liquid ant bait near where they're coming out of the walls (they go crazy over the stuff), then I encircle the hole with a 1/2 inch thick line of Baby-oil gel that they won't cross. They can't leave the area where the Toro is, and they're only option is to take the Toro back with them into the hole and kill the queen and the entire colony. I've captured and killed 4 queens already. The rest have disappeared.

  6. Oooop...I meant 'their' only option.

  7. The easiest and cheapest thing to killem with, is undiluted bleach. Sprayem and watchem die. Cleanem up in 30 minutes.


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