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I love my home, I really do.  Sometimes I wish I could improve a thing or two, but I remind myself that I am lucky to be a homeowner.  As a homeowner, you’re always going to find something about your house that needs to be fixed.  We all live in “money-pits” whether they are new or not.  Part of being a homeowner is maintaining and repairing your investment.  Your parents taught you to take care of yourself and now you need to take care of your possessions too.
Here’s a checklist for you to help keep your home in good shape:
1)      Hire an exterminator
2)      Hire a termite inspector every 5-10 years
3)      Change your air filters/furnace filters
4)      Service your HVAC
5)      Paint your home
6)      Clean your gutters
7)      Clear downspouts
8)      Fertilize, cut, weed your lawn
9)      Prune bushes away from home
10)   Fix any leaks immediately
11)   Repair rotted wood asap
12)   Repair screens/windows
13)   Update appliances
14)   Clean interior at least once a week
15)   Keep drains clear
16)   Clean/Grout mildew from baths
17)   Pay your bills
If you keep up with these easy repairs, you’ll save yourself lots of time and money when you’re ready to sell/move.
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  1. What a great list! I once owned a property preservation company and boy did I wish people knew how to keep their homes clean!

    Thanks for sharing this! Also, thanks for signing up at voiceboks.com

    Have a great evening.

    Lexie Lane

  2. Seeing as how we are putting our house on the market next year, this is a very helpful list that I'm bookmarking! Stopping by and following you from voiceboks and looking forward to seeing more helfpul info!



  3. Nice to meet you Becky from voiceboks. I'm a Real Estate Broker in AZ, and now a handmade online retailer. I wouldn't have my new business if it weren't for the slow market, so it probably was just meant to be! Come by Mommy LaDy Club, our new blog when you get a chance:)
    ~Courtney(& Betina, my sister and co-author)

  4. Hopping over from voiceboks.com. And a fabulous list of reminders, by the way. You actually helped me remember I gotta pay some bills today.


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  6. Good list though I so wish you hadn't reminded me about the rotting wood - I think I have some to deal with and had so hoped the "ignore it and it will go away" theory would work!

  7. That's funny that you said we all live in money pits. In more than one occasion I have informed my husband we live in a money pit. I just need to remember I'm blessed to be a homeowner when so many aren't! Also, thanks for the list! I need to check it twice! :)


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