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HOmeowner Association Dues

Recently I helped a couple search for homes in maintenance-free neighborhoods.  These homes fit their criteria best because they were best suited for homes with little to no work on the outside.  You have to be careful when using the term “maintenance-free”.  These homes have neighborhood associations that take care of the exterior of your home, but you are responsible for preserving the interior.  These neighborhood associations also charge dues either monthly or annually and can cost a pretty penny.  You have to understand what the association dues will cover before jumping into a commitment for a home with these fees.

Most Homeowners Association dues will cover the common area maintenance.  In maintenance-free communities, these dues will cover common area maintenance as well as landscaping, trash pick-up, street-cleaning, siding repair, roof repair, gutter repair, etc.  These dues tend to be higher because of the services that come with them.  You need to remember to add this to your monthly budget.  The positive side of this is you don’t have to worry about scheduling anything and you can expect the same payment every month (or year.)  In neighborhoods without these services, there’s no guarantee.
Before you make your decision about Homeowners Association Dues, talk to your REALTOR® .  They might discover a hidden fee or better yet an extra service you weren’t aware of.  Don’t run away just because the price seems too high, but make sure the price isn’t more than what you would pay somewhere else too!

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  1. What an intresting post! I found you on VB and when I read that you were in Real Estate I was intrigued to read your blog. My mother has been a broker for over 30 years and my sister joined her about 5 years ago. I think it is a great service to blog about, good for you! I'm a happy new follower! Have a great night!

  2. we currently pay a hoa fee at our home. We love it because we are a busy young couple and find that instead of paying a private home mantience service, we pay a flat fee to our home owners and they take care of it all. Included in our hoa is lawn care, snow removal, water, & internet.

  3. Cleaning and repairing your home's siding once every year will pay off in the form of a long life and increased value for your home.

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