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For Sale By Owners are not more appealing than For Sale By Brokers.  I understand you want to sell your home without paying someone, but did you forget about all of the other things that come with listing your house?
For instance, you are at work on Wednesday afternoon and you have a conference call with your biggest client.  Your cell phone rings.  On the other end of the line, you have a buyer’s agent calling about your home.  Their clients are ready to pay in cash and your house is exactly what they are looking for.  They need to meet you right now because their kids are in school.  You tell them they’ll have to wait until after 5, but they go into work at 5.  You just missed a sale.  Or what if your phone is ringing at home while you’re at work?  You didn’t want your cell phone to make your boss mad.  If you give someone the chance to walk, you’ve led them to another home.

Did you know that in order to market your home the right way, it’s going to cost some money?  Agents foot the bill on advertising your home.  These expenses can be pretty hefty.  For example, do you have access to lead generators or email marketing?  Do you use your Facebook for business or pleasure?  Your friends aren’t going to buy your home.  Advertising via social media, lead generators, email marketing is a cost that an agent would budget for. 
There is much more to selling your home than putting a sign in your yard and advertising in the local newspaper.  No one reads the newspaper anymore anyway.  Do you have the time, patience, money to effectively market your home?  Hire a REALTOR® to get the job done.

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  1. This is great! My mom has been a broker for over 35 years. Many a night she would have to change out of her pajmas because there was a problem with house and the owner was away. I have been with her when she waited for carpet to be layed or bought plants to freshen up somebodys front porch. People don't realize all a broker does for them, I get so frustrated when people complain about the fees brokers make, they earn every single penny!

  2. Honestly, I've never understood why people would try to sell their own home. In my experience, they always end up using a realtor and this post definitely explains why.

    Nice job.


  3. Absolutely! I am NOT ever going to try and do the legwork to sell my home when it is time even though we live in a highly desirable area. What we don't know, CAN hurt us!

    BTW, I'm here from voiceboks and LOVE your site. I really enjoy your "tips" page of links, and I am going to need all the help I can get as I start my new life with my three kids in the next few months!



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