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I think I have mentioned before that my mom is “hardcore landscaper”.  She should definitely be a professional, but I’m not sure she’d have time for others’ yards.  Not one day goes by when she doesn’t add another plant or dig up an existing one in her own back yard.  She’s a plant addict and it shows.  My parents’ yard is a gardener’s heaven.    
Often when she visits, she suggests a plant for a certain spot in my yard.  Often I forget the name of said plant and am frantically calling her from the greenhouse.  She’s got an amazing green thumb.  I trust her when she tells me to add plants and when to prune.
She pointed out that I might want to trim a forsythia (after it has bloomed) all the way down to a few inches from the ground.  In fact, she asked where my gardening tools were and she trimmed the forsythia herself.  When she realized what she was doing, she handed the tool back to me and pointed out the other victims (plants) I should prune.
Another wonderful observation from my mom about my landscaping capabilities was the tools I used.  All of our gardening tools aren’t from a hardware store.  She listed what I would need to get the job done neatly and much faster:
1)      Bypass pruner

2)     Handle Lopper
3)      Hedge shear
4)      Tree pruner
Now you should see the damage I’ve done with the lopper.  It will take another 20 years for this boxwood ever to be the same.

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  1. What a compliment to be thought of as a landscape guru!


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