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Grouting is a piece of cake...  (I changed my mind.)

I overheard someone listing off different projects they were completing on their house the other day.  One of those was grouting the shower.  The more they discussed these tasks; I realized they hired someone to do all of it.  I understand hiring someone to refinish your floors or to tile a bathroom, but you would be surprised how quickly you can grout your bathtub yourself.  By quickly I mean it will take a day.  Your tub will look fresh and mildew free in no time.
I admit this chore tests your patience.  Remember this post To Grout or Not to GroutIt requires alone time and with children in the house, it can be difficult to break away.  My advice would be to conquer the bathroom when the kids are napping or when they are away from home.  If you discover you will never be free, then it is a good time to hire a contractor. 
What You Will Need:
Grout grabber/ Dremel with Grout removal tip
Grout float
Large sponge
Cloth towels
Cheese cloth
Sealant and cleaner spray
1)      Match the color of the grout.  Don’t go with your gut; take a piece with you to hardware store.  (I made this mistake, grouted the entire bathroom and waited for it to dry.  It was the WRONG COLOR!)

2)      Remove any existing grout with grout grabber or Dremel.  The Dremel is a time-saver.  I discovered this the hard way.  You don’t have to!
3)      Clean the area very well.  You don’t want to grout over existing mildew. 
4)      Mix grout in bucket or bowl depending on how much you need.
5)      Apply grout to area with grout float.  Wipe grout float with towel and repeat.
6)      Remove excess grout and follow directions on grout box.  The towel comes in handy here.
7)      After it has dried for at least 20 minutes, use a sponge and clean area.
8)      Wait another 2 hours and remove excess with cheese cloth.
9)      Wait 24 hours and seal.
Bravo! You have completed a task in 24 hours.  You were quick yet thorough and it didn’t cost much either!

Don't trust me?  Check out The Home Depot's step-by-step tutorial here.

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  1. This will come in handy when I tackle my bathroom. Thanks!

    By the way,
    I really like your blog and thought that you deserved The Versatile Blogger Award. Come see here:

    Have a great Day!


  2. Just stopping by to follow you from the blog hop. Hope you'll come visit me, too!

  3. Great job!!! Something like that definitely requires no kids in the house!

  4. This is great! I thought I had to hire someone to tile my kitchen floor, but we ended up doing it ourselves. So happy with how it turned out and that we were able to do it ourselves (I ended up using the Home Depot's step-by-step!!).


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