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Household Tip #25

In my efforts to keep the tips and real estate advice flowing for you, I thought this would be a great one.
This tip fits with the theme of moving into a new home or cleaning.   Pack up comforters, blankets, clothes, stuffed animals in these bags to create a tidy home during any season.  They take up half of the space if you are moving or if you just need to clear out some more room in your house. 
I’ve been waiting for naptime to try out Space Bag®.  Spring cleaning is in full effect.  The bulk has got to go!  We also are going through some growth spurts, so clothes are piling up everywhere and drawers are overflowing.  
I was so excited when I tackled this trunk. 

We keep most of our sweaters in here because it’s convenient and easy to scour through.  I wanted to keep them in the same spot, but clear out some space for spring gear.  Check this out:

Here’s a bag full of baby clothes and blankets that we won’t need anymore.  I’m not quite ready to let go of this stuff yet. 

They are economical too.  If I bought storage bins to fit the same amount of clothes, it would have cost the exact same.  These were the cheaper of the storage bins too, so these might save you a dime.  Plus, the only damage is that you’ll have a few wrinkles next winter.  I’d rather worry about wrinkles than moths and water damage.
If I were going to give this product a rating, I’d say 8.  It’s not a ten because I can’t seem to pack the bag neatly enough. 
You can find these bags in all shapes and sizes at Target. 
(I was not paid to review this product.  I liked it this much to share with you and not keep the tip to myself.)

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