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I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that my favorite season is Spring.  It’s not too hot; the flowers bloom; days get longer; it’s not too cold; colors are vibrant and so on.  Now’s the time to get your house in tip top shape, so it’s ready to sell.  Buyers are going to be looking for beautiful photographs of your home.  What better time to sell than now!  Enough sitting around and waiting for a knock on your door.  It’s time to motivate and make things happen.  Here are my TOP 5 CHORES TO SELL YOUR HOME in Spring:
1)      Spring Cleaning- I’ve already given you a great resource to help you get your home ready for spring.  Get rid of the clutter!!!!
2)      Add color to your yard- There are tons of greenhouses open and waiting for you to buy their plants.  Don’t go overboard.  Pansies are inexpensive and add lots of color to a boring yard.  If you don’t want to commit to digging, add potted plants here and there.
3)      Seed and mulch your yard- Make sure you do this the right way.  You’ll thank yourself later.
4)      Paint Your House- You are going to wow buyers with a crisp and clean exterior.  Pick colors that are very neutral.  Now is not the time to paint your front door red.  Wait for your next house.
5)      Caulk and paint trim that is cracking- Now that your house is clean, freshen it up along the edges. 

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