Renting Your Property

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Before renting your property to just anyone, I would recommend contacting a property manager for some advice.  You might then decide that there is more to leasing your home than you realized. 
Ask yourself these questions:
1)      Will you be available 24 hours a day?
2)      Do you know who to contact when an emergency might arise?
3)      Can you find a tenant in a timely manner?
4)      Do you have access to Lease Agreements?
5)      Who will you contact for credit checks? Criminal backgrounds?
6)      What do you do if a tenant refuses to pay rent on time?
7)      Are you willing to inspect the property?
8)      Can you manage the funds?
9)      Do you have the time to watch over someone else living in your home?
10)   Do you want to write up an inspection report before and after the move?
If you aren’t prepared to take these steps, you should consider hiring a property manager.  A property manager will pay attention to every detail you might miss.  It might seem simple to you, but you might not have the time.
Contact me for more information about property management.

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  1. We are planning to rent out our house when we move, thanks for the food for thought!

    I am stopping by from the I ♥ Blogging hop, thank you for joining our hop!


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