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Back in 2009 when we renovated our kitchen, I had no idea that I would bring my passion of cooking to life.  When I went to Lowes and picked out our garbage disposal, I didn’t give it much thought.  I asked for assistance when searching for the disposal in the store, but when the employee asked me how much I planned on using it, I had no idea I might be using it continuously throughout the day every day.  I was more concerned about how quiet it would be so I wouldn’t wake up the children.

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It’s looking like we might be in need of a new disposal shortly.  It’s not common to burn up your disposal this quickly.  I should have taken better care of this little device.  I should have paid attention to the plumber when he told me to be selective when throwing food down the drain.  I was so excited to have a disposal at all because we were without one for many years.
Well, it’s another lesson learned through the years.  Be careful and listen to your plumber.  What you should throw in the trash instead of your sink: (You’ll be surprised)
1)      Egg shells
2)      Banana peels
3)      Animal bones
4)      Rice
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5)      Pasta
6)      Grease
7)      Oil
8)      Peels- potatoes, avocados, oranges, apples, etc.
9)      Fruit pits
10)   Corn cobs
How many of you are as guilty as me?  I knew about the animal bones, cobs, grease and pits.  All I am going to say is “oops”.  I can promise you that I’ve thrown the remaining items down the drain daily.  Poor disposal, you didn’t have a chance.

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  1. It's always good to hear these advice again and again. Thank you.

  2. I have the plumber come out for rice 2 times.. Did not know about the pasta or egg shells. Thanks for tip. Here from follow Tuesday - I'm your newest stalker!
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    Kelly's Ideas
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  3. Hi Becky, Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. Good luck with your new garbage disposal. Have a great day.

  4. My husband needs to read this! I try to throw most things away. Found you on the Tuesday blog hop. Heather

  5. Hi Becky, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower :D

    Garbage disposals are those blendy things under the sink right? hehe.. (we don't have anything like that in my country) Bones and egg shells I understand, but banana peel? I thought they would be soft and blend-able :P

  6. I just peeled a bag of carrots last week and put all the peels down the disposal (never had a clue it could be a problem!) It caused a pipe to burst under the sink. Had to go w/out using kitchen sink for 4 days waiting on the plumber. Learned a lot about wrong things I had been putting down there!! Melissa

  7. I kid you not, after I posted this my kitchen sink burst last night. I would never have noticed because I was settling down after putting the kids to bed. The dog was licking the floor when I realized, she was cleaning up my mess! What a day.


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