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2:42 PM

I had an awesome time in NYC this past weekend.  I was fortunate to have some girl time with friends from college AND high school.  I also made some new ones!  During this experience, we visited tons of shops, restaurants and bars that made the trip even more memorable.  I thought it would be appropriate for the blog to give a “shout out” to my favorite places along the way. 
This list might be helpful for your next trip or you might discover some places to try!  Friends, please forgive me for not mentioning every spot… I’m a wee-bit tired and didn’t keep a record.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some great places.  These stuck out to me.
1)      Urban Rustic- It is here where I tasted my favorite sandwich of all time.  I don’t think it will ever be topped.  You must stop by this “mini-Whole Foods” if you’re ever passing through Brooklyn.

2)      Taco Chulo- Not only were these tacos delicious, they were cheap!  You can’t find a gourmet taco joint in Richmond for $3.75!  Upgrade to a burrito if you wish!  The service was also the best I’ve ever witnessed in NYC.  Go here for dinner if you’re in need of a quick Mexican fix in Brooklyn.

3)      Get Real Craft Beer and Food Festival- If you are in town next year for this entertaining festival, you have to go.  We walked in and the first food I tasted was BACON POPCORN.  I’m not kidding, it was incredible.  Other delights were the bacon-pecan brittle and pork tacos from Mexicue.  The beers were insane.  You don’t want to miss this.  Live music too!

4)      Peace & Love Café- My friend who lives in NYC goes here every week for her “mommy” group.  The coffee was perfect.  I had a vanilla latte and I’m still dreaming about it.  You might even pop into a celebrity at this TriBeCa spot.  We were graced with Bridget Moynahan’s presence.
5)      Stanton Public- Lower East Side I have visited this spot twice now and liked it just as much the second time.  They play great Indy tunes and have an incredible beer selection.

6)      Ripe Juice Bar- If need to make a decision fast about where to eat and you’re looking for healthy, try this stop.  The food is pleasantly fresh and you might want a change from pizza and bagels.  I had the Paisan and loved every bite.
Cheers to my friends!  It was great catching up and seeing you all!

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