Kitchen Safety Tips

2:31 PM

Fortunately for you I have made some mistakes in the kitchen.  I am going to let you know what not to do, so you can avoid these mishaps.
1)      Test the oil.
2)      Do not drop food directly into oil with bare hand.
3)      Once the oil reaches the right temperature, lower the temperature on the dial.
4)      Pay attention to the oil.  Turn off the stove when finished and move oil away from hot surface.
5)      If you have a frying thermometer, use it.  Do not use meat thermometer.
6)      Follow the directions.
1)      Believe the temperature gauge on your oven.
2)      Wear an oven mit.
3)      Cover your wrists with oven mit.
4)      Do not pull racks out without oven mit.
5)      Do not leave oven door open, ever!
6)      Always wash your hands with soap after handling raw eggs.
1)      Sharpen knives away from body.
2)      Never open a package with a knife unless you cannot find scissors.
3)      Curl finger tips away from knife edge when slicing food.
4)      Place knives far from counter’s edge.
5)      Place knife blade down in utensil carrier in dishwasher.
6)      Place knife blade in sink away from you.
There are many more from where these came from.
Be safe out there!
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