You can't have my fleece!

10:33 AM

Spring is Near, Time to Clear… the clutter!
I absolutely positively love spring.  I can’t wait for my tulips to bloom.  I’m excited for green grass.  We can go for long walks in the sun and be comfortable!  I can clean!  I could clean before, but now I can get rid of all of the bulkiness.
I found a great article in Woman’s Day Magazine a couple of years ago about reorganizing and getting rid of the clutter.  It provided a helpful checklist to follow when attempting your “spring” cleaning.  It’s a wonderful guide you might want to check out.  Here it is again:  Go!
If you clicked on the link, you’re probably amazed!  I love love love this stuff.  My biggest project will be emptying out our closets.  I have clothes from high school… my bestfriend called me out on it when I shared a photo with her days ago.  Oops.  Yes, I can’t let go of my favorite fleece.  I promise to purge, but my fleece won’t be tossed until the holes are unbearable. 

When you are finished, you should consider putting your home on the market!  Why not?

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  1. Love this checklist! I missed spring cleaning but I'm shooting for a good fall cleaning... I think this will be helpful :D


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