What Should You Look for in a House?

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courtesy http://www.austin-davidson.com/

Well, that’s a great question.  The only problem is that each individual knows what is important to them.  The agent is there to help find answers to your questions about homes.  We are not there to make the decision for you.  You don’t want us to.  Our interests might be completely different than yours.  Our job is to listen and help you find what you are looking for.

Courtesy http://www.austin-davidson.com/
Courtesy http://www.austin-davidson.com/

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself.  They might help you determine if a house is the right fit: (these items are in no particular order)
1)      Does it have curb appeal?
2)      How long do I plan on living here?
3)      What repairs are needed?
4)      Does it come with appliances?
5)      What kind of fireplace if any does it have?
6)      Is it near a busy street?  Quiet?
7)      Does it need any upgrades?  How much?
8)      Where does the property start and end?
9)       Public Sewer/Water? Gas/Electric? Oil tank?
10)   Basement? Attic? Storage space?
11)   Eat-in kitchen? Breakfast nook?
12)   Garage? Off-street parking?
13)   Type of siding? Type of roof?
14)   What are the annual taxes?
15)   What is nearby? For example, Hospitals and schools
16)   # of rooms and bathrooms?
17)   Can I afford it?

Courtesy http://www.austin-davidson.com/
Once you make it through these items, you’ve probably discovered whether it’s going to work or not.
Good luck!

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  1. I want quiet and rural, but not to far from shopping. My home I live in now is just what I love only too big, and too much land...


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