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Property Inspections are part of the contract to purchase a home in Virginia.  Basically the Seller is giving the Purchaser the right to have a professional inspect the home for any defects.  The Purchaser has the right to request the repairs of such defects during a specific amount of time before the settlement of the property.  If an agreement is reached than both parties proceed to settlement.  If the Seller doesn’t agree to the repairs, eventually the Purchaser has the right to back out.
Like I said in the introduction to Property Inspections, you might wish to inspect your property before putting your house on the market.  You will be prepared for such negotiation. 
Property Inspectors should be very thorough when looking at a property.  All aspects of the home are important.  A typical home inspection will take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.  You might want to be present when the home inspector arrives, but it’s not mandatory.  If something concerns you, it will do no harm to bring this issue up to the inspector.  Do understand that it is their job to be very complete.  They will notice everything… EVERYTHING that is wrong. 
That being said, it is not always necessary to fix EVERYTHING brought to attention.  They will rate the importance of the defects.  No home is perfect.
Here’s a list of some great companies you might consider:
HouseMaster of Richmond, VA 804-745-4588
Burgess Inspections 804-794-1423
Collier Home Inspections  804-320-5354

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