Fiesta Veggie Burgers

2:10 PM

I was a teensy bit selfish when I found the recipe for dinner last night.  I knew I would instantly love it, but the others would take some major convincing.  My husband really is awesome and doesn’t mind being my guinea pig.  The man will eat anything, but he always looks concerned when I tell him we’re having a vegetarian meal.  Some of you might remember when I mentioned his fear during this post.
The little ones are starting to show more hesitation.  They aren’t nearly as daring towards food as they once were.  Wee Bit is refusing greens and the Oldest steers clear of anything unrecognizable.  Project Disguise is in full force.
The recipe I chose is from, you guessed it,!  I haven’t found anything from there that I haven’t liked.  Those cooks are geniuses.  It’s a vegetarian meal that I tried to make look like sliders again.  Both of the kids were on to me, but I was able to get them to try it!  That’s a huge accomplishment these days.  These really are delicious, but the consistency triggered a gag from my kids.
What You Will Need:

2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained
Mini sweet dinner rolls
What You Might Already Have:
3 T mayo
1 tsp dried parsley

dash of cayenne pepper
2 tsp dried Cumin
1 tsp dried Oregano
Vegetable oil
Grill pan or deep skillet
Food processor
1)      Rinse beans well in colander.
2)      Add about 3 mini rolls to food processor.  Pulse until coarse chopped.

3)      Add half of beans, mayo, cumin, parsley, pepper and oregano to breadcrumbs.  Pulse until beans are coarse and everything is well-blended.

4)      Add bean puree and extra beans to bowl and mix well.
5)      Form mini patties and transfer to plate.
6)      Heat grill pan over medium and drizzle with vegetable oil until coated.

7)      Grill burgers until both sides are crisp.
8)      Let cool.
9)      Serve with mini rolls, salsa and sour cream.

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