Don't Be A Bad Waitress

3:21 PM

We went out to dinner last night.  The restaurant will remain nameless because I’m about to complain about our waitress, but I don’t want the spot to be held accountable.  We rarely go out to dinner because I enjoy cooking for the family so much and having two small children makes things a little more complicated.  When we do go out, we’re expecting great service.  It’s a big deal to us because like I said, we stay in pretty often.  Last night we had the most horrible waitress.  I’ve never felt so unappreciated.  When I asked for recommendations, she answered me with annoyed responses and then said, “Are those good enough answers?” Did I insult her by asking?  Isn’t it ok to ask for recommendations? Geesh.  Is it normal to walk by the table and frown and not make eye contact with your customers?  She should be very thankful that the food made up for her behavior.
The point of my story is that no matter what, you should like what you’re doing.  If our waitress had a better place to be than she should have called in sick.  We were excited and expected delicious food and service.  Don’t ruin our experience because you’re having a bad day.  The same goes in real estate.  If you hire an agent in these times and they’d rather be somewhere else, it’s not going to work.  A good REALTOR® wants what is best for you and wants to be there.  They want your decision process to go as smoothly as possible.  If you aren’t pleased with any aspect of your search, tell us!  Your happiness is what matters.
We are human and have bad days, but sometimes you have to suck it up and keep on strutting. 
Call me when you’re ready! 

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