Are we ready to pave?

3:07 PM

Another beautiful day folks!  Gosh, it’s wonderful.  This week is full of gorgeous days.  I want to make the most of it and do what I can with the kids.  As I stand outside, I’m reminded that we need to repave our driveway.  Oh boy, now that’s a project. 
Now do we do it ourselves or do we hire a contractor to save the day? We would love to extend our driveway further to provide for more play area.  We currently have construction gravel serving as our extension.  This way, the kids could ride their bikes, play basketball, and draw with chalk…
What does a project like this cost?  And is it worth it?  Will it attract buyers when we’re ready to sell?
1)      Always get estimates when figuring costs for a project like these. (Most contractors will provide free estimates)
2)      When researching this project, I found the coolest calculator for estimating asphalt driveway costs:
3)      Do you really need to pave your driveway?  Most of the time, you simply need to reseal your driveway.  Don’t be talked into completely starting over unless you want a completely different look and are ready to spend lots of money.
4)      There’s no doubt that paving your driveway will make your home more attractive.  To support this answer, read #s 15-18:
5)      In my opinion, it’s worth it.  It will create a clean and fresh touch to your home.  You won’t kick up dirt with your tires; it’s easier to maintain; your driveway won’t ice over as frequently in the winter, and you’ll have one less upgrade to worry about.
No brainer.  Back to whether we want to do it ourselves or hire someone?
Sample driveway. Not ours.

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