Worried about hurting your REALTOR®'s feelings?

8:56 PM

I think all REALTORS® would agree that the last thing you should worry about during your home search is hurting our feelings.  We are professionals who are looking out for your best interest.  If you want things to be done a certain way, don’t hesitate to tell us.   We want you to be happy.  Buying a home is a difficult task to take on by yourself, which is why we are here to help.  
Ok, we’re not super-humans.  If you know something is wrong, don’t do it.  You get my drift.
There are many cases when real estate agents and their clients discover that their relationship will not work.  If it doesn’t fit, you should move on.  Hire another person within the same firm or go to another broker all together.  There are no hard feelings in this business.  If there are, then you were working with the wrong person.
Happy Hunting!

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