Warning for First-Time Homebuyers

3:12 PM

What I learned as a first-time homebuyer:
I have always loved exposed hardwood floors.  It’s such a beautiful thing to show off in your home.  Sometimes you can overdo it though and reveal too much.
When we moved into our home, we were lucky to have great floors in most of the house.  As first time homebuyers, we didn’t have a clue about everything that went into buying a home.  I was young and naïve and didn’t consider what it would cost to execute all of my plans.  This is where you need to be careful.  Don’t make more work for yourself than you need to.  I decided to rip up the runner on our stairs without really thinking it over.  Beneath that runner was some gorgeous wood, but it needed to be refinished.    And so did the top of the stairs and the bedrooms and so on.  We had already moved in!  Those steps were put on the backburner and we chose to paint rooms instead… and then renovate the kitchen… and redo our bathroom… and then we had kids.
That was years ago.  I am still trying to decide what carpet to put over those stairs.  Probably should have thought about it a little more, huh?

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