To Grout or Not to Grout

2:57 PM

It’s taken me a year to own up to my mistake in the girls’ bathroom.  I grouted over grout.  I tried cleaning the original grout over and over, but it didn’t work.  I got on my hands and knees day after day to reach the corners and cracks and whatnot.  Nothing could fix this problem.
One weekend when my husband was out of town (smirk), I decided to grout the tile floor.  It was a piece of cake in our bathroom.  Surely I could master this annoying chore in another bathroom.    My husband would be so proud when he returned on Sunday…   Not a chance.
Here’s one portion of the floor that I will share with you. I’m too embarrassed to show you the rest.

This is AFTER trying to remove grout over grout.  Gives you an idea of how much GROUT I lay over top!  Oops.
You’re probably wondering why I don’t just hire a contractor.  I won’t be defeated!  I have to finish the job.
I’m stripping the grout. 
Back to square one.
This time, I’m going to research it a bit more.  I’ve found this extremely helpful website on “Grouting Tile.”  I think I’ll clean it ONE more time.  If it still doesn’t work.  I’ll hire a contractor. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have grout in my kitchen counters, and cleaning them is such a hassle!


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