Renting? Continued

8:26 AM

I listed the things you should consider when RENTING your home for extra cash.  Why don’t I list the things you should consider when RENTING someone else’s house:
1)      Understand the terms of the lease.  If you intend on adding or changing something, sign an agreement with the landlord first.
2)      Budget to save for the future.  You aren’t investing those rental payments.
3)      Will your landlord love your pets as much as you do?  There are plenty of places that rent to pet-owners, but not as many that prefer no pets at all.
4)      Report repairs issues immediately.  You don’t want to be held responsible.
5)      Keep a record of everything.
If RENTING is right for you, make sure you are just as thorough about finding the right fit as you would be when BUYING a home.
If you are interested in renting or buying a home, contact me for more info:

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