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Here’s my list of important things to consider before RENTING your home:
1)      Floors- If you have recently had your floors refinished and can’t stand the thought of someone else enjoying them, you aren’t ready to rent.
2)      Walls- If you finally committed to a color you love in the Dining Room, you aren’t ready to rent.
3)      Yard- If you have worked really hard landscaping you’re yard, you aren’t ready to rent.  Unless you plan on hiring someone to maintain it, you’re tenant will most likely not care for it as you did.
4)      Utilities- This is a sticky one.  You can leave the utility payments up to your tenant, but then you have to rely on them paying them.  If you decide to take on the payments and leave them in your name, you have no idea what temperature your thermostat will be set to during those hot summer days.
Times are tough these days and selling homes can be difficult.  Lots of people out there are considering the option to rent their homes for extra cash. 
It makes sense to many to rent their homes out to help with mortgage payments plus all of the extra costs tacked on to owning a home.  If you do decide to go this route, please make sure you are ok with giving up your space.  You are opening your home up to a stranger.  If the thought of that scares you, you might want to think about other options.
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