Do We Need A Living Room?

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As a REALTOR® and a daughter of a homebuilder, the issue about the existence of the formal Living Room comes up often these days.  Homebuyers want more space that costs less and is attractive.  To some, removing the Living Room adds space to highlight another room in the house.  However, removing the Living Room takes away from the overall flow of the home too.  This home feature is becoming less and less important to buyers, but should the Living Room disappear altogether?
I recently showed a home with a Living Room that contained little furniture.  I noticed that buyers worried this was the only living space in the home.  Their fears vanished when directed to the Family Room.  Most would sigh with relief that the home offered more space.
I have also seen homes with a Formal Living Room that was transformed into an office.  The homeowner used this extra space for more practical use.
When I show homes without a Living Room, I rarely hear any complaints.  I do get positive feedback when there is one and it’s used traditionally.  The Living Room is an extra room to show off art work, trophies, and furniture.  Most Living Rooms are located near the entrance of a home and showcase the homeowners’ style.
We’re becoming more relaxed these days and comfort isn’t ugly.  Style is no longer out of reach.  Do we need the Living Room anymore?
Let me know what you think.


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  1. I have a room that I call the living room, but it is far from formal. I guess in some houses it would be considered the family room, but I call it my living room, because it's the room we live in the most :)

    Visiting from VoiceBoks!

  2. I think Living is no longer needed. Instead have a Big Family Room. Instead we can have study or Office Room. I also think that why 2 areas for dining? Breakfast area and Dining room. Instead we can have one Dining room with big island where 4 to 6 People can have breakfast with Bar stools. Having 2 rooms, Living and Family room and again 2 areas for Breakfast and dining. For me it looks like too much furniture.. Looks like a Furniture store.
    Instead if you have island in Kitchen, you can use bar stools and have breakfast there. When guests comes, you can use dining room I think it is wats to have Breakfast area. In the similar way, no one is using Living room any more. Instead have a bid family room where family and friends can enjoy.


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