Caulk It (Cont'd)

3:27 PM

Dap 00835 Medium Gray Side Winder Advance Polymer Siding and Window Sea 10.1-Ounce
You are not alone if the caulk is getting to you.  I told you not to worry about it here.  It’s bothering me though, folks.  I don’t know if it’s because I notice it more being stuck inside due to the cold or because of my post.  Regardless, I went to Pleasants Hardware yesterday to find better caulk. 
The staff at Pleasants Hardware rock.  I had Wee Bit with me and the man helping me couldn’t stop playing with her.  Not only did that impress me, but he also was able to translate what I was trying to tell him.  He led me to the right size caulk and didn’t try to sell me anything extra.  He didn’t take advantage of me and that was awesome.  Here I was with a baby speaking babble and he was patient with me and extremely helpful.  It feels great when you don’t leave a store frustrated.
I also feel like I’m taking control of the caulk.  He confirmed that what I was doing was the right way!  Don’t call me to caulk your ceiling though.  Call Austin-Davidson, Inc. (804) 346-9444.

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