How to Prevent a Pipe from Bursting

10:08 AM

Yesterday we arrived at the office to find a flooded warehouse.  Our water fountain’s pipe had burst.  We contacted our plumbing contractor (thank goodness we are in the biz) and he rushed on over.  In the mean time, we the boss swept the water out the back door and filled up bucket after bucket until we could shut the water off.  This leads me to my next post: How to Prevent a Pipe from Bursting.
1)      If you live in a cold climate, you should insulate your pipes.  You can find foam insulators at your local home improvement stores.
2)      If it is extra cold, keep water running.  I don’t mean to leave your faucet running heavily.  A nice drip will do.  Make sure you keep several sinks running in your home.
3)      If the power goes out, definitely follow step #2.  You will also want to shut off your main water supply.
Clean up can be such a big pain.  Do the best you can to keep your home safe from accidents like these.  If you do ever run into major water damage, I definitely recommend contacting and ask for Joe Brooks.  He’s a great guy!

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