Top 5 Renovations You Should Consider

3:14 PM

Article Source: G.M. Filisko, “Top 5: First Impressions Matter,” Realtor®, January 2011
1)      Front Door
2)      Garage Door
3)      Siding
4)      Kitchen
5)      Deck
Why do these five structural items matter?  One if not all of these components are part of the aesthetic value of the home as well as the construction of the home.  You want to add value to your home to receive more return.  Why not consider all?
If you are looking for a reputable contractor, contact Austin-Davidson, Inc. (804) 346-9444.  They will be able to fix your problem and if they can’t they will provide you with a number for someone who can.

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  1. repainting our front door was one of the smartest things we did. also spiffing up the front with flowers and some touch up paint on the railing/porch.
    ps. my computer is telling me spiffing is not a word. i say LIAR

  2. It's a conspiracy! Alex, you're hilarious!


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