Household Tip #16

2:47 PM

Today’s Household Tip is going to be a little different.  While entertaining last week, the sauce for this chicken accidentally boiled over.  I might never have noticed if my husband wasn’t standing there when it happened.  Thank goodness.  The sad thing is that the sauce left a stain on my ceramic glass cooktop.

As most of you know, my kitchen is fairly new.  I had some of the leftover cooktop cleaner and tried to scrub the stain. 

I didn’t want to ruin the cooktop, so I picked up some of this at the store. 
It seems to be similar to the leftover cleaner that I used.  After applying the cleaner twice, I definitely had to use some elbow grease to remove the remaining stain.  This is the best I could do.

Do any of you have any better and more environmentally friendly ideas?  I’d love some suggestions.  If this is the best way, I guess this is my tip. 

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