Holiday Catalogs

8:33 PM

It makes me sick to think how many holiday catalogs are printed every year.  We receive at least 2 a day after Thanksgiving.  I have never signed up for over half of them and I’ve tried removing our address from most of them.  It doesn’t stop the madness!  I understand these stores are trying to entice me to buy those snow suits that will keep my kids warm and if I don’t I’m a terrible mom.  Please, I don’t need to be reminded once a week! 

It seems like once I’ve finally gotten rid of one solicitor, another one picks up my address from somewhere else.  Today I decided we needed to use these clutter-inducing magazines.  I cut out a bunch of holiday photos, such as stockings, trees and what not.  We gathered the pictures on the kitchen countertop, brought the step-up ladder in and my oldest and I created a Holiday Collage.  It gave us something to do before the Parade came on TV and it used up some of these pesky catalogs.

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