Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Home in the Snow

5:09 PM

Days like these are tough when trying to sell a home.  The snow adds some picturesque qualities to the home, but access becomes a bear.
1)      Make sure your prospects have a cleared pathway to enter your home.
2)      You will also want to put an area rug in the entrance way that you aren’t worried about but that looks presentable.  The last thing you need is to ruin your floors while selling your home. 
3)      Remember that you want the home to be welcoming.
4)      Don’t let the snow be the cause of not selling the home.  If a customer sees what a pain it is to clear walkways, this may deter their interest in the home.
5)      Use the snow to sell your home.  Stage your yard, so it shows how pretty the home looks in the snow.
6)      If you have a gas fireplace, now’s the time to use it.  Not only will it warm the home, but it will also make it cozy.
7)      You always hear about agents asking Sellers to bake cookies before a showing .  I would say this is the perfect time for baking.  Don’t overdo it though.  You don’t want to frighten your customers away. 
It’s not impossible to sell a home when it snows.  Take some of these extra steps and you’ll likely impress your customers.  Good luck!

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