All I Want For Christmas

7:44 PM

My husband thinks I’m silly for wanting a Dustbuster for Christmas.  I know it’s an odd request and that most women would get their feelings hurt if they opened such a gift on Christmas morning.  I need a new one and I won’t buy it for myself because I always have way too much in the cart already.  I enjoy having hairless floors and don’t always feel like bringing the Hoover out.  It’s easy, fast and convenient.  I love my current Dustbuster, but it’s seen better days. 
I listed plenty of reasons why it’s a great gift for me.  Santa, please, convince him.
It’s not an expensive gift, unless you want this one:


Luckily, I just want this one:

Here's the link with all of the info Hubby!  
Can’t wait to see what’s under the tree!

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  1. becky, this makes me miss you!! i hope you get that dustbuster under the tree this christmas!!


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