Ventilated Shelving

7:38 AM

This shelving is an answer to my prayers.  Why on Earth would you take the time to fold your laundry and then stuff it in a closet?  It becomes wrinkly and dusty and which towel do you pick when you come back?  The one that looks fresh and crisp.  Ventilated shelving helps maintain organization in your kitchen, closets, basements and garages.

I love the difference these shelves make in a home.  It’s so refreshing to open up a closet and see things hanging where they should be hanging.  Have you ever watched Clean House?  Can you imagine going from that messy to that clean in an instant?  These shelves do the trick!
If you’re trying to sell your home, customers will open your closets.  Do you want them to see where you’re hiding everything?  Or where you’re organizing everything?  These shelves will help sell your house!
There are plenty of options too.  You can customize your space to your ideal situation.  Find out more here:

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  1. ok, now I need help organizing baby toys! How do I make them accessible, but not look like clutter? It's a vicious cycle to get them out and put them away - hourly or at least daily.

  2. I'm going to help you. My next post will be dedicated to LindleyHS and her/his baby toy clutter.


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