Toys Disappear!

2:50 PM

I have two kids who are under the age of 3.  We have accumulated way too many toys over the past 3 years all thanks to the grandparents.  Ok, and we have a tendency to buy useless knick knacks for them too, they are KIDS!

I have a rule (for myself).  If it’s something really cheap and something that is collecting dust, then it’s thrown away.  (I’m not terrible, if it’s in good condition I’ll give it to Goodwill.) 
One of my kids loves to play dress-up, if I find a broken necklace that’s in the trash ASAP.

We also make lots of things around our house, so old projects are thrown out after a few weeks.  I keep all of the art projects from school in a box in their closets though.  Those are off limits.

Now onto those toys I can’t possibly throw away.  My youngest is given the hand-me-downs.  She needs to experience the same joy that the Oldest did, right?  I’m lucky not to have to buy a bunch of new toys and she doesn’t know the difference.  My advice to any parents with one kid would be to keep EVERYTHING.  Once the second or the third comes around, you won’t need to go buy another Elmo Computer.  And then, if they are still "usable", give them to Goodwill.

Where do you put all of those toys?  In these babies:

We have one in our den and I absolutely love it.  You keep it open when the kids want to play and throw all of the toys back in when they are finished.  I bought our trunk at Target, here’s a link:
We love to read in our house, so you’ll find books in the kids’ rooms, the den and the playroom.  I keep a good selection in the den in a basket.  It doesn’t look bad and I don’t have to worry about it always looking tidy.
We have some shelves in our “playroom”.  My husband nailed them to the wall for fear that the shelves would fall on Wee-Bit.  (She likes to pull everything down in sight.)  The top shelf is for arts and crafts, the first shelf is for books, and the second is for blocks. 

I keep these on the shelf that’s closest to the floor.  These contain all of the toys I’m not worried about getting in someone’s mouth.  I also keep the musical instruments there because we like to play along with the music pretty often.

I also have a couple of these for costumes and stuffed animals.

I hope I answered your question and was helpful!  Here’s to a tidy home!

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