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4:48 PM

We’ve had a rough month.  Both kids have been sick, we’ve been sick and now our baby is injured!  Poor thing is a curious one and got into some trouble today.  We spent the morning in the ER with Wee Bit because she burned her hand, pretty badly.  Luckily no severe damage was done, but it reminded me that Baby-Proofing shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Our oldest never stepped out of our site, but Wee Bit is quick to discover new territories!
It’s important to be safe when you’re making changes to your home.  Little ones don’t fear anything!  Remember to take those critical steps when safeguarding your home.
1)      Install baby gates everywhere. 
2)      Lock your doors.  Garage doors are tricky, keep openers out of reach.

3)      If painting a new room, ventilate and clean up after yourself.
4)      Lock windows.
6)      Throw trash away and out of reach. 
7)      Lock your dishwasher and major appliances.
9)      Cover up electrical outlets and wires.
10)   Nail unsteady furniture to walls.
11)   Tie blinds up high out of reach.
12)   Never leave kids on a deck unsupervised or outside at all for that matter. 

I know I sound extremely paranoid, but when they’re young, you can keep them out of trouble much easier.
I have included a bunch of links you can click on.  Here's a list of stores where you can find most of these items:

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the burn! It's amazing how quick they can get into things. Also I need to remember #6. But mostly for the dog. Who loves diapers. Ew.

  2. Oh No! Wishing the little one a speedy recovery! I'll admit we have duct tape over a few outlets because our #2 thought the outlet covers were SO MUCH FUN to play with ~ we never had that problem with #1.

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