Household Tip #8

6:56 AM

Household Tip #8
White Vinegar is another source to keep your home environmentally-friendly and you’ll save using this product too!  White Vinegar is acidic enough to kill most germs lurking in your kitchen and bathrooms.  Here are a few uses you might consider when tackling your chores:  (visit for more)
1)      Soak an old cloth in White Distilled Vinegar and wipe off countertops.

2)      Clean your fridge with half water half vinegar.
3)      Pour vinegar into empty dishwasher, run a cycle and you’ll notice all of your stains are gone!
4)      Remove residue on your bathtub by soaking cloth with vinegar and wiping away grime.

5)      Wrap faucets with vinegar-soaked cloth for a couple of hours to remove calcium deposits.
Keep your house fresh using these helpful tips.  The next time you show your house, you won’t have to scramble because it will be in tip-top shape!

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