Household Tip #7

6:49 AM

I cannot believe it’s been a year since we remodeled our kitchen.  This year has flown by with the addition of our wee-bit and all of the personal projects we’ve taken on; I’m amazed we’ve maintained our kitchen so well.  Sure the appliances came with samples of cleaners and instructions, but hardwood floors are like a newborn baby.  Once they’re born, you’re on your own.  I’m mostly proud that the floors have kept their semi-gloss sheen.  Our pooch hasn’t destroyed their beauty yet with her wild ways and sharp claws.  Our oldest hasn’t ruined them with her habit of drinking out of a sippy cup without the sippy on the cup.

I’ve discovered an amazing product to help maintain these floors.  Bona Floor cleaner has been my saving grace.  I think it would be better not to mention what this miracle cleaner has removed from our floors.  Just trust that it’s hard-working cleaner that I will forever keep under my kitchen sink.

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