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Most people will agree that the kitchen is the most important part of a home.  Think about it… You get home from work, open the back door, set your stuff down, reach for a snack or grab something to drink out of the fridge.  When you have company over, you probably meet in the kitchen initially and then gather your things to take them into the Family Room.  Most of my clients notice whether or not a kitchen is an “Eat-in” or has a “Breakfast Nook.”  The kitchen is the first thing almost EVERYONE considers when buying a home or renovating a home. 
There are two important characteristics that every great kitchen must have: 1) Function and 2) Appeal.  Kitchens need to accommodate those family and friends you are entertaining.  You also want to enjoy spending time in your kitchen with those friends.  Who wants to hang out in a ugly small kitchen?
Consider the following when making that move up:
1)      Do I need a new kitchen at all? Some homes don’t need any upgrades!

2)      Can I afford a new kitchen?
3)      Cabinets?

4)      Countertops?
a.       Granite
b.      Formica
5)      Sink?
6)      Appliances?
a.       Fridge
b.      Microwave
c.       Free Range, Drop-in, Slide-in
d.      Dishwasher
7)      Hardware

8)      Eat-in? Breakfast Nook?

9)      Island? Butcher block?
10)   Lighting
a.       Pendant
b.      Track lighting
c.       Recessed
11)   Furniture
When we first moved into our house, we saw our kitchen and had to quickly consider the possibilities.  We knocked out some walls and opened it up as much as possible.  It started from this:

And eventually we were able to do this:

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  1. Awesome. I totally agree about the kitchen. I've been trying to make gradual changes to mine over the years cuz, I DON'T like it. The things that need to be done now are pretty much structural. A new big kitchen will be on my vision board. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by Romiz Essentials. :-)


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