The Green Disposer

6:53 AM

Disposing of food in your sink can be green?  Yes! Dumping your food down the drain into your InSinkEratorcan help the environment?  Yes, Yes, Yes!  According to the InSinkErator website, these grinders are a “responsible” source for disposing your food waste. 
I am a huge fan of the disposal.  When we redid our kitchen, I made it clear that we would need one.  In fact, I think I was most excited about it.  It makes your kitchen SMELL so much better.  No more throwing away food in the trash can and then feeling guilty about it.  I couldn't wait to grind up lemons to make the kitchen smell fresh!  (I get way too excited about cleanliness, don't I?)
The great thing about a disposer is that it reduces waste in our landfills.  Those of you interested in compost should also consider a disposer because it can help get you started.  It helps break down the food waste you might otherwise consider throwing in the garbage.
Another benefit from the disposer is that when it grinds your food waste, some waste-water plants are able to transform the waste into fertilizer.
Do your part and install a disposal.

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