Direct Gas Vent Fireplace

6:36 AM

If you haven’t already switched to a direct vent gas fireplace, you should.  These improved gas logs look like wood-burning fireplaces much more these days.  They are attractive and provide more comfort than you realize.  If you have never experienced the warmth from these fireplaces, ask around.  When placed at a proper setting, these guys are capable of heating an entire floor.
The direct vent also ensures that no pollution will be sucked into your home.  You’ll be efficient and green plus you won’t mess up your home with ashes or heavy logs.

There are many different options to choose from when selecting your fireplace.  The features include glass doors, remotes, fans, termination caps and more. 

Why Should You Switch to a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?
1)      It’s 2010.
2)      They look like real logs.
3)      Heats the home much more efficiently.
4)      Heats the entire floor if not more.
5)      Low maintenance=no mess
6)      Attractive
7)      No pollution
8)      Comfort

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