Attract Buyers in Fall and Winter

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Attract Buyers in Late Fall and Winter
As the leaves fall in our yards, it’s important to maintain the curb appeal of your home when you are selling.  Don’t neglect to rake your leaves and spice up your yard.  A touch of color will brighten your home’s appearance and will attract the eyes of drive-bys.
Here are a few ways to add some sparkle:
1)      Add planters and wreaths with bold colors.  You don’t have to focus on the holidays.  Incorporate the season!
2)      Liven up empty spaces with garden sculptures or whimsical planters.
3)      If it snows, make sure you shovel walkways and your driveway.
4)      Always turn on all of the lights when taking photos for your on-line listings.  You want the home to look and feel lived in.

(Photos will be up soon)

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