10 Great Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

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Do you know someone who is about to close on their new home?  Here’s a list of 10 gifts that any new homeowner is sure to love and USE!  Whether they’re moving up or moving for the first time, this next step can be crazy and busy.  Remind them how exciting it is with one of these:
1)      Gift Certificate to Home Improvement Store- There’s bound to be something that needs to be fixed or changed during the move.  Help relieve their worries about spending MORE money and give them a gift certificate to your local hardware store or Lowe’s or The Home Depot.  They’ll be so happy they could keep their cash for pizza that first night.
2)      Magazine Subscription: Do It Yourself, My Home My Style, Real Simple, Living, Better Homes and Gardens- Any of these magazines will be useful when they are trying to decide what color to paint the Dining Room or which faucet they should switch out first.  Plus, these magazines will be perfect for their coffee table.
3)      Pen and Ink Drawing of their new home- This sentimental gift will mean so much to your new homeowner friends.  They will always remember who gave it to them and they’ll never forget this home.
4)      Plants- Plants are perfect gifts for the new homeowner because they create instant ambiance.
5)      Gift basket with laundry detergent, water bottles, dishwashing detergent, hand soap, towels- Not only will this gift come in super-handy that first week in their new home, they’ll also have something to help carry things back and forth from the car.
6)      Flag- Similar to the plants, the flag will give that “lived-in” look to the home.
7)      Art work for empty walls- It’s always nice to have something new to put on your walls. 
8)      Dishes- All of their dishes will be packed or might have broken during the move.  They might also want a change with their new place!
9)      Newspaper – The newspaper is quickly being replaced by the internet.  Why not give them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves.
10)   Tools- You know what you needed that first week of your move, give your friends the tools you wanted someone to give you!
Do it Yourself (1-year)
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