Preparing Your Home for an Open House

10:22 AM

Preparing your home for an Open House

It’s Saturday and your REALTOR® is holding an Open House on Sunday. Here are a few things you should do to be ready:

1) Cut grass and remove debris from yard. Just like I mentioned before, first impressions are the most important thing. Make your home memorable.

2) Remove any bulky items from outside. Anything distracting the attention away from the house should be removed.

3) Focus on the best features. If you have a beautiful entry way, highlight it with seasonal plants. Draw attention to your front door.

4) Vacuum and dust. When customers walk through that front door, you don’t want them to see dust balls rolling all over the place.

5) Tidy up the pantry and kitchen drawers. Yes, buyers open these! Don’t stuff everything in your cabinets.

6) Clean fingerprints off of windows or storm doors.

7) Clean toilets and tubs. Enough said.

8) Put things away.

9) Remove large furniture that crowds a room. Show buyers how to use the space. Less is best.

On Sunday before your REALTOR® arrives, turn on all of the lights and ceiling fans. During the winter, turn on the gas fireplace for ambiance.

With these steps, you are helping to show off your home. Remember, you want to sell!

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