Plantation Shutters

8:00 AM

Plantation shutters are a unique way to add to your home’s décor and value.  They can stand alone or compliment any window treatment.  These shutters are a practical investment because they stand up to time and heat better than most blinds and shades.  Did I mention how good they look?

You can open them during the day and bring on the sunshine. 

Closing them at night will provide privacy, but they won’t be unattractive.

My favorite part about these functional window coverings is that they are easy to clean. 

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  1. Plantation shutters installation was a piece of cake. The one thing that could have made it perfect is a pre drill of screw holes in the light bars. But I'm splittin' hairs. I'm a pertty happy camper.

  2. Good to know Jennifer. Thanks for your input!

  3. You are right. Plantation shutters are popular due to their unique features. They are really easy to fix and they look awesome anywhere in home.


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