Older Homes and Oil Tanks in Virginia

6:27 PM

Oil tanks can be very complicated when they come up in home inspections.  Make sure you are prepared before selling your home.  My advice would be to have a soil test as soon as you decide to put your house on the market.  If you’ve converted to gas and have an underground oil tank, please consider this.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had your soil tested.  Do it again.  You will be doing yourself a huge favor. 
James River Environmental is one of the engineers out there who can assist you with this process.  After working with Jason Flippo of James River Environmental, I discovered that it wasn’t too terrible of a process.  One of my sellers had an underground oil tank that was never emptied or capped off.  Jason tested the soil of the area and took care of the rest.  He submitted paperwork to the city and the state.  The state has created a fund to reimburse for most costs involving an oil tank, except the labor performed by independent contractors.  Jason assured us that we would only pay a small labor charge to him for any expenses involving the tank.  The remainder of the fees was covered by the state fund.
If you would like to know more information about oil tanks and their removal, please contact me or contact James River Environmental jrenv@earthlink.net.

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