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It’s raining acorns! So what does this mean and how do you remove them from your yard?

The amount of acorns falling this year is greater than usual, which is commonly known as “masting”. Oaks produce these seedlings in different amounts from year to year. When squirrels, deer and birds are not eating these little nuts as quickly as trees are producing them, they fall in bigger numbers. There aren’t enough predators to keep up! To read more, check out this study:

In the mean time, there are a few things you can do to clean them up. My best advice is to sweep them into piles and pick up as you can. I tried raking, blowing and sweeping. Sweeping them into an over-sized dust pan gave me the best results. After about an hour of this, I gave up.

If they really bother you, good luck! I’d hire a landscaper.

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