A Little Cheap Is Good for You

2:57 PM

I read this article last week about things you should always buy generic.  It was very refreshing to read that I had already converted prior to reading the article.  They confirmed that I wasn’t as cheap as I thought.  It’s ok to buy:
CVS Ibuprofen Coated Tablets
1)      Pain medication- Generic wasn’t recalled during that Tylenol/Motrin scare
2)      Cereal- you can save more than $2 in some cases
3)      Batteries- I beg to differ on this one.  They don’t last as long and sometimes burst.
4)      Gas- I’ve been doing this for a long time.  My car’s no snob.
5)      Electronic cables- my iPod works just as well when I replaced my original charger with one from RadioShack.
6)      Baby formula- I’m sure many wished they knew this before the recall last week!
7)      Salad mix and produce- even better if it’s organic and local
8)      Makeup and beauty products- depends on how you apply it.
9)      Soda- I try not to buy much of this anyway.
10)   Pantry staples- flour, sugar, salt, etc.-really, who can tell?

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  1. I switched to Target-bought makeup a couple of years ago, and I feel like I've saved a lot of money without sacrificing quality (except, it doesn't seem to last as long as the "good stuff").


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