How To Remove Ivy

10:24 AM

Whether it’s swallowing your bushes or climbing your house, ivy can be one big project. When tackling this nuisance, there are a few things you should know:

1) Wear the proper attire. Long sleeves, pants, tennis shoes and gloves are necessary. Some ivy can cause skin reactions and you never know if you accidentally pulled poison ivy. ( for more info)

2) Start at the root of the problem. When you rip the ivy from unwanted places, make sure you uproot the whole thing.

3) If you are removing from trees, beware of broken limbs within the vines.

4) Watch out for pests. You could disturb a yellow jacket’s nest or (as I discovered) rattlesnakes may emerge.

5) Be careful of existing plants. If the ivy is surrounding a favorite bush, trim around the plant first and then remove the vines carefully at the root.

6) Maintenance is key. If you continue to remove the ivy, over time it will not grow back. Each year it will sprout less and less.

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