Hardwood Floors

8:19 AM

Hardwood floors are a standard feature in most new homes these days.  This does not mean the floors in homes you tour are always flawless. 
It is up to the seller to repair them if needed or fix up to entice potential buyers.  Some experts recommend finishing your floors before putting your home on the market.  This would mean you have to potentially move everything out of your home to do so. 
My advice would be to wait.  There are easy ways to stage your home to focus on the more appealing features of the home.  You are putting your home on the market.  Moving everything out of the house is something you will do after you close.  Don’t do it twice.  Let it be known to the customer that you will finish the floors after you move.  Make it part of the contract. 
However, if you have floors like these, please show them off.  Beautiful, unharmed hardwood floors that don’t need any retouching are hard to come by in resales.

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